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Temporarily, we recommend to use latest versions of the following browsers to trade on our exchange: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.
This version of the site works on Litecoin TESTNET. It means that litecoins aren't real and you can safely experiment without fear of losing any money. Be sure you install a Litecoin TESTNET wallet though: read up our manual on how to do that in the Guides/FAQ section.

P2P cryptocurrency exchange that doesn't hold funds

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How to use Hodl Hodl?

See also: How to sign up, How to get testnet bitcoins and How to sweep private keys
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Key features:

  • Secure: multisig (P2SH) contracts, you control key to funds in escrow
  • Fast: set # of confirmations per contract
    (0 with trusted traders)
  • TESTNET - learn how to trade without risking actual money
  • Follow latests news via Hodl Hodl news & trading sentiment via the Hodl Index
  • Search for best deals globally using our filter system
  • Efficient Review/Rating system for users
  • Cheap: low fee – 0.6% per trade
  • Global P2P trades without KYC/AML
  • Flexible price settings, tie price to other exchanges
  • Reliable notification system
  • Per-contract chatrooms
  • Track all contracts' transactions on the blockchain

Hodl Hodl vs other exchanges:

Hodl Hodl Localbitcoins Paxful
Holds cryptocurrency No Yes Yes
Litecoin support Yes No No
TESTNET / learning Yes No No

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Hi, I'm using Hold Hodl!


rating: 80%
58.35 EUR Min/Max: 10 - 450 EUR

Hi, I'm using Hold Hodl!


rating: 80%
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